Revised Agenda

Electronic Meeting

Quorum: 11

Jason Li, Acting Commissioner of Finance and Regional Treasurer

(See Item G.3)

​(Subject to Council granting deputant status.)​


Carolyn Lance, Council Services Coordinator, Town of Georgina dated December 2, 2021

Recommendation: Receive

Danton Thurairajah, Executive Director, Canadian Tamil Congress dated December 3, 2021

Recommendation: Receive and recognize Tamil Heritage Month in January

Sergei Petrov, Executive Director, York Region Arts Council dated December 14, 2021

Recommendation: Receive

(See Item G.2 - Committee of the Whole Meeting Minutes, Item C.1)

Jason Li, Acting Commissioner of Finance and Regional Treasurer dated December 15, 2021

Recommendation: Receive

(See Item G.3)

Report dated December 15, 2021 from the Commissioner of Finance recommending that:

  1. Council approve the operating and capital budgets as follows:
    1. The 2022 operating budget, reflecting a tax levy increase of 1.96% as tabled on November 25, 2021, detailed in the 2022 Budget Book, and summarized in Attachment 1.
    2. A Rapid Transit Infrastructure Levy equivalent to a 1% tax levy increase as summarized in Attachment 1.
    3. The 2022 capital expenditures and Capital Spending Authority by project and by program group and associated funding sources detailed in the 2022 Budget Book, as summarized in Attachment 2, and the authority to reallocate funding between projects within a program group as detailed in this report.
  2. Council approve debt authority and reserve items as follows:
    1. Incremental debt authority of $1.128 billion required for 2022 Capital Spending Authority by project as specified in Column (B) of Attachment 3.
    2. Total debt authority for capital projects up to the amounts specified in Column (C) of Attachment 3 in accordance with the Capital Financing and Debt Policy.
    3. Approve a contribution of $195 million to the Sinking Fund Reserve for the purpose of meeting the Region’s 2022 sinking fund obligations.
    4. Authorize the funding of capital projects that have been previously approved for debt financing from reserves where there are sufficient funds available and at the discretion of the Commissioner of Finance and Regional Treasurer.
  3. Council endorse the reconciliation of the 2022 Budget to the full accrual basis of accounting, as required under Ontario Regulation 284/09, as summarized in the 2022 Budget Book.
  4. Council authorize the Commissioner of Finance and Regional Treasurer to:
    1. Make any necessary adjustments within the total approved net Budget to reflect organizational changes and any other reallocation of costs.
    2. Apply for, accept and adjust the Budget for any additional Provincial and/or Federal funding provided there is no tax levy impact.
    3. Report back to Council in-year, as required, to provide flexibility in capital project implementation to adapt to changing and unforeseen circumstances and to maximize delivery of capital projects.

(Referred from the November 25, 2021 Regional Council Meeting.)

Report dated November 15, 2021 from the Commissioner of Corporate Services and the Regional Clerk recommending that:

  1. The resumption of in-person Council and Committee of the Whole meetings be aligned with the Provincial timetable for lifting the remaining public health and workplace safety measures, which is currently projected as being March 28, 2022.
  2. Council provide direction for the future format of Council and Committee of the Whole meetings and staff report back with associated technology requirements and/or Procedure Bylaw amendments.
  3. The boards of directors of the Region’s three Corporations be encouraged to continue to meet virtually for the remainder of the 2018-2022 Council Term.
  4. The Region’s advisory committees and task forces, that follow the Procedure Bylaw to conduct meetings, continue to meet virtually for the remainder of the 2018-2022 Council Term. 

Report dated December 10, 2021 from the Commissioner of Community and Health Services recommending that:

  1. The Regional Clerk circulate this report to the Clerk of the City of Markham.

A bylaw to amend Bylaw No. 2019-110 being a bylaw to establish the Rapid Transit Reserve Fund

A bylaw to stop up and close a portion of McCowan Road (YR 67), City of Markham

Council to consider the following proposed resolution:

WHEREAS the Government of Canada has recently introduced amendments to the Criminal Code (Bill C3) that would make it an offense to harass and/or intimidate employees providing and persons seeking health care services; and,

WHEREAS Regional healthcare staff and members of the public attending vaccination clinic locations, have been unduly harassed by organized groups and individuals opposed to vaccination;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Regional Council strongly supports the criminalization of harassment and intimidation aimed at health care workers whose actions are critical to protecting our communities and encourages the Government of Canada to enact proposed changes to the Criminal Code swiftly; and,

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the Regional Clerk be directed to circulate this resolution to Members of Parliament representing York Region ridings.

Alectra Utilities Power Supply, West Side of Leslie Street, Major Mackenzie Drive to Elgin Mills Road, City of Richmond Hill - Solicitor-Client Privilege

Organizational Review - Labour Relations

Introduction of Bylaw 2021-111 to confirm the proceedings of Council at this meeting