Agriculture and Agri-Food Advisory Committee

Electronic Meeting
  • J. Bartley,
  • M. Bhim,
  • S. Dhir,
  • A. Eek,
  • K. Empringham,
  • and B. Wills
  • C. Banfield,
  • T. Cline,
  • T. Corkovic,
  • C. Goodeve,
  • M. Hassanali,
  • A. Ko,
  • J. Magill,
  • N. Murchison,
  • C. Narula,
  • and J. Wheatle

The York Region Agriculture and Agri-Food Advisory Committee meeting was called to order at 4:02 p.m. with Councillor Eek as Chair.

Sonia Dhir declared an interest in Item F.3 as she is employed by an agency which has already submitted comments related to the Regional Official Plan Amendment No. 7 application and subsequently did not participate in discussion or voting on the matter.

The Committee received the presentation by Meena Hassanali, Rural and Agri-Food Business Development Specialist, Chhavi Narula, Planner and Tony Corkovic, Marketing and Communications Specialist regarding Agriculture and Agri-Food Strategy - Staff Update.

The Committee received the presentation by Christina Dawson, 911 Communications Centre, York Regional Police regarding York Region 9-1-1 Emergency Response - Overview.


Members were reminded to consider the role agriculture and agri-food businesses have in fighting climate change and encouraged to submit comments to staff by end of September 2021.

Members had the opportunity to share ongoing initiatives and updates related to the Agriculture and Agri-Food industry.

The Committee voted in favour of the following resolution:

WHEREAS the Agriculture and Agri-Food Advisory Committee has considered and discussed the information provided with the ROPA 7 application; and
WHEREAS the lands in question are identified as Prime Agricultural Area within the Provincial Agricultural System of the Growth Plan and Greenbelt Plan; and
WHEREAS there is insufficient justification to remove such lands from the Agricultural designation; and
WHEREAS it is the Committee’s opinion that these lands remain capable of supporting sustainable small scale farming businesses and urban agriculture; and

WHEREAS there are many examples of sustainable farming providing local food within urban areas; and

WHEREAS local food is part of a Complete Community; and
WHEREAS every precaution should be taken to protect such lands for agricultural purposes; and
WHEREAS removing these lands from the Agricultural designation will set a dangerous precedent for redesignation of other Agricultural lands within the Greenbelt Plan;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Agriculture and Agri-Food Advisory Committee recommends denial of ROPA 7.

The York Region Agriculture and Agri-Food Advisory Committee meeting adjourned at 5:22 p.m.