Revised Agenda

The Council of

The Regional Municipality of York

Meeting #:
Council Chambers
17250 Yonge Street, Newmarket

Quorum: 11

Michelle Samson-Doel, Board Member, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Altaf Stationwala, President and CEO, Mackenzie Health

​(Subject to Council granting deputant status.)​

Jacob Gal, Development & Communications, York Pride Festival dated May 4, 2019

Recommendation: Receive and recognize June 7-16, 2019 as Pride Week in York Region

Katherine Chislett, Commissioner of Community and Health Services and Dr. Karim Kurji, Medical Officer of Health dated May 13, 2019

Recommendation: Receive

Mayor Virginia Hackson, Chair, The Regional Municipality of York Police Services Board dated May 14, 2019

Recommendation: Receive

Stephen Huycke, City Clerk, City of Richmond Hill dated May 15, 2019

Recommendation: Receive

Michael de Rond, Town Clerk, Town of Aurora dated May 15, 2019

Recommendation: Receive

Erin Mahoney, Commissioner of Environmental Services dated May 15, 2019

Recommendation: Receive

See Item G.2 (Committee of the Whole Item F.2.3)

Bruce Macgregor, Chief Administrative Officer dated May 16, 2019

Recommendation: Adopt resolution

See Item G.3 (Committee of the Whole Item F.2.9)

Laura Mirabella, Commissioner of Finance and Treasurer dated May 15, 2019

Recommendation: Receive

A bylaw to set and levy the rates of taxation for Regional general purposes for the year 2019

A bylaw to establish tax ratios and to specify the percentage by which tax rates are to be reduced for prescribed property subclasses for 2019

A bylaw to delegate authority to the Regional Treasurer to establish "clawback" percentages for the 2019 taxation year for the commercial and industrial property classes

A bylaw to acquire certain lands for or in connection with the construction of an Air Management Facility, City of Richmond Hill

At the Committee of the Whole meeting held on May 9, 2019, Mayor Mrakas gave notice of his intention to bring forward the following motion at this meeting of Council:

WHEREAS the legislation that abolished the Ontario Municipal Board and replaced it with the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal received unanimous – all party support; and

WHEREAS all parties recognized that local governments should have the authority to uphold their provincially approved Official Plans; to uphold their community driven planning; and

WHEREAS Bill 108 will once again allow an unelected, unaccountable body make decisions on how our communities evolve and grow; and

WHEREAS on August 21, 2018 Minister Clark once again signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and entered into “...a legally binding agreement recognizing Ontario Municipalities as a mature, accountable order of government.”; and

WHEREAS this Memorandum of Understanding is “enshrined in law as part of the Municipal Act”. And recognizes that as “...public policy issues are complex and thus require coordinated responses...the Province endorses the principle of regular consultation between Ontario and municipalities in relation to matters of mutual interest”; and

WHEREAS by signing this agreement, the Province made “...a commitment to cooperating with its municipal governments in considering new legislation or regulations that will have a municipal impact”; and

WHEREAS Bill 108 will impact 15 different Acts - Cannabis Control Act, 2017, Conservation Authorities Act, Development Charges Act, Education Act, Endangered Species Act, 2007, Environmental Assessment Act, Environmental Protection Act, Labour Relations Act, 1995, Local Planning Appeal Tribunal Act, 2017, Municipal Act, 2001, Occupational Health and Safety Act, Ontario Heritage Act, Ontario Water Resources Act, Planning Act, Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997.

THEREFORE be it resolved that:

  1. The Regional Municipality of York oppose Bill 108 which in its current state will have negative consequences on community building and proper planning.
  2. The Regional Municipality of York call upon the Government of Ontario to halt the legislative advancement of Bill 108 to enable fulsome consultation with Municipalities to ensure that its objectives for sound decision making for housing growth that meets local needs will be reasonably achieved.
  3. A copy of this Motion be sent to the Honourable Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, The Honourable Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier, the Honourable Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs, the Honourable Andrea Horwath, Leader of the New Democratic Party, and all MPPs in the Province of Ontario.
  4. A copy of this Motion be sent to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) and all Ontario municipalities for their consideration.

Greening Strategy - Environmental Land Protection and Preservation, Land Acquisition, Walters Property, Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville - Land Acquisition

Delegation of Authority - Cyber Breach Response - Solicitor-Client Privilege

Write-Off of Uncollectable Provincial Offences Act Fines and Collection Strategy Update - Solicitor-Client Privilege

Ontario Nurses' Association Negotiations Mandate - Labour Relations

Introduction of Bylaw 2019-35 to confirm the proceedings of Council at this meeting