Special Meeting

Electronic Meeting
  • W. Emmerson,
  • G. Chan,
  • J. DiPaola,
  • M. Ferri,
  • R. Grossi,
  • V. Hackson,
  • D. Hamilton,
  • J. Heath,
  • L. Jackson,
  • J. Jones,
  • J. Li,
  • I. Lovatt,
  • T. Mrakas,
  • S. Pellegrini,
  • C. Perrelli,
  • M. Quirk,
  • G. Rosati,
  • F. Scarpitti,
  • J. Taylor,
  • and T. Vegh
  • D. Basso,
  • A.M. Carroll,
  • K. Chislett,
  • P. Freeman,
  • Dr. K. Kurji,
  • D. Kuzmyk,
  • B. Macgregor,
  • C. Raynor,
  • and M.F. Turner

Regional Chair Emmerson called the meeting to order at 9 a.m. and made the following remarks:

“We acknowledge the land we are meeting on today is the traditional territory of many First Nations, including the Chippewas of Georgina Island and the Mississaugas of the Credit.

These lands are now home to many diverse Indigenous peoples.

We also acknowledge that York Region falls under Treaty 13 with the Mississaugas of the Credit and the Williams Treaties with several Mississauga and Chippewas First Nations.”

Dr. Karim Kurji, York Region Medical Officer of Health provided a verbal update on the status of COVID-19 and responded to questions from Members of Council.

  • Moved byMayor Scarpitti
    Seconded byRegional Councillor Jackson

    WHEREAS At a Special Meeting of Regional Council, held Thursday, April 15, 2021, York Regional Council passed a motion calling on the Government of Ontario to increase the supply of vaccines for the ‘hot spot’ areas of York Region to ensure consistency and equity in vaccine distribution throughout the Greater Toronto Area; and

    WHEREAS York Region is currently experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases; and,

    WHEREAS the Province of Ontario has identified 114 high priority communities or “hot spots” based on postal codes, including 13 hot spots in The Regional Municipality of York; and,

    WHEREAS based on local epidemiological data, York Region has identified an additional three hot spot communities; and

    WHEREAS York Region has been forced to prioritize six of these 16 hot spots due to lack of vaccine supply; and,

    WHEREAS York Region has had to temporarily close vaccination clinics and adjust clinic hours due to a lack of supply; and,

    WHEREAS the Government of Ontario indicated that York Region will experience a further significant reduction in vaccine supply in the coming weeks; and

    WHEREAS with additional vaccine, York Region can expand fully to protect the remaining nine of 16 identified ‘hot spot’ areas, including residents and essential workers such as those working in manufacturing plants and educators; and

    WHEREAS other health units in the Province, including the City of Toronto and Region of Peel, appear to have vaccine supply to enable them to immunize persons in their hot spots over the age of 18; and,

    WHEREAS York Region with a population of 1.2 million will receive 127,000 vaccines doses for the next two weeks for 16 hot spot areas, the Region of Peel with a population of 1.5 million will receive 216,000 vaccine doses over the next two weeks for 25 hot spot areas and the City of Toronto with a population of 2.9 million will received 404,000 vaccine doses over the next two weeks for 53 hot spot areas; and,

    WHEREAS this policy creates inequity for York Region residents in hot spots; and,

    WHEREAS with a consistent supply of vaccine York Region has the infrastructure in place to vaccinate residents in eligible priority groups consistent with provincial direction;

    THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED That the Prime Minister and Premier be requested to support efforts for equitable distribution and increased supply of vaccines to all ‘hot spot’ areas across Ontario to ensure consistency and equity in vaccine distribution.

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED That a letter reiterating this position, signed by the Regional Chair and the nine Mayors of the local municipalities, be circulated to the Prime Minister, Premier, Ontario Minister of Health, all local area MPs and MPPs.

    A recorded vote was as follows:

    For:  Chan, DiPaola, Emmerson, Ferri, Grossi, Hackson, Hamilton, Heath, Jackson, Jones, Li, Lovatt, Mrakas, Pellegrini, Perrelli, Quirk, Rosati, Scarpitti, Taylor, Vegh (20)

    Against: (0)

    Absent:  Bevilacqua (1)




Regional Chair Emmerson, on behalf of Regional Council, extended deepest condolences to Mayor Bevilacqua and his family upon learning the sad news of the passing of Filomena Bevilacqua.

Regional Chair Emmerson noted May 1 is both First Responders Day and National Physicians Day and thanked both for their commitment to keeping our communities, strong, healthy and safe.

Regional Chair Emmerson announced a special meeting of Regional Council will be held on May 6, 2021 beginning at 9 a.m.

Regional Chair Emmerson announced the Housing York Inc. Board of Directors meeting scheduled on May 12, 2021 has been cancelled.

  • Moved byActing Mayor DiPaola
    Seconded byMayor Mrakas

    That Council enact Bylaw No. 2021-30 to confirm the proceedings of this special meeting of Council held on April 29, 2021.


The Council meeting adjourned at 10:56 a.m.

Regional Clerk

Minutes confirmed and adopted at the meeting of Council held on May 27, 2021.


Regional Chair