Special Meeting

Electronic Meeting
  • W. Emmerson,
  • D. Barrow,
  • M. Bevilacqua,
  • J. DiPaola,
  • M. Ferri,
  • R. Grossi,
  • V. Hackson,
  • D. Hamilton,
  • J. Heath,
  • L. Jackson,
  • J. Jones,
  • J. Li,
  • I. Lovatt,
  • T. Mrakas,
  • S. Pellegrini,
  • C. Perrelli,
  • M. Quirk,
  • G. Rosati,
  • F. Scarpitti,
  • J. Taylor,
  • and T. Vegh
  • D. Basso,
  • K. Chislett,
  • P. Freeman,
  • P. Jankowski,
  • K. Kurji,
  • D. Kuzmyk,
  • B. Macgregor,
  • E. Mahoney,
  • L. Mirabella,
  • C. Raynor,
  • and M.F. Turner

Regional Chair Emmerson called the meeting to order at 8:31 a.m. and made the following remarks:

“We acknowledge the land we are meeting on today is the traditional territory of many First Nations, including the Chippewas of Georgina Island and the Mississaugas of the Credit.

These lands are now home to many diverse Indigenous peoples.

We also acknowledge that York Region falls under Treaty 13 with the Mississaugas of the Credit and the Williams Treaties with several Mississauga and Chippewas First Nations.”

  • Moved byMayor Mrakas
    Seconded byMayor Scarpitti

    That Regional Council advocate to the Premier and Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, to re-open businesses (Restaurants, Bars, Gyms, and Recreational Facilities) in York Region as soon as possible based on the following modified safe re-opening recommendations of Dr Kurji, York Region Medical Officer of Health:

    All Businesses and Organizations

    • Compliance with any advice, recommendations and instructions issued by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health on screening for COVID-19
    • Comprehensive COVID-19 plans in place 
    • Active screening of staff, maintaining logs for every scheduled shift, and communication with staff regarding COVID activity
    • Having active ill staff policy in place
    • Implementing natural ventilation (opening windows) or mechanical ventilation to increase the rate of air change and avoid recirculation of air indoors

    Bar and Restaurants

    • All staff are to wear medical masks at all times, including areas where the public does not have access, for both indoor and outdoor dining, following Ministry of Labour regulations
    • All patrons are to wear face coverings or masks at all times, for both indoor and outdoor dining, other than for the purposes of eating or drinking
    • Active screening for patrons: patrons entering the facility must have their name, contact information, date and time recorded, including dining, pick-up and take out
    • Patrons are to maintain wearing face masks or coverings when interacting with servers and restaurant staff
    • Use of scheduled reservations where possible to better control capacity
    • Establishing time limits for attending a setting  
    • Reducing background noise by lowering background music to below the level of conversation 
    • Reducing hours of operations

    Gyms and Recreational Facilities

    • Province reintroduce the maximum capacity limit for gyms based on a ratio of the facility’s square footage while adhering to physical distancing measures of at least 2 metres
    • All patrons to wear face masks or covering unless engaged in vigorous physical activity
    • No drop-ins; all visits must be scheduled to help ensure capacity is maintained at all times
    • Active screening for patrons, screening and temperature checks  
    • All patrons entering the facility must have their names, contact information, date and time recorded
    • Not to include more than 1 instructor per class
    • Maintain cleaning schedule to ensure disinfectant of fitness equipment, exercise areas and spaces 
    • Change rooms open for the purpose of using the washroom and store outdoor clothing (boots, coats) 

    For simultaneous classes, stagger times to ensure entry/exit points and outside areas are not crowded


    A recorded vote was:

    For:  Barrow, Bevilacqua, DiPaola, Emmerson, Ferri, Grossi, Hackson, Hamilton, Jackson, Lovatt, Mrakas, Pellegrini, Quirk, Rosati, Scarpitti, Taylor, Vegh (17)

    Against: Perrelli (1)

    Absent: Heath, Jones, Li (3)


  • Moved byRegional Councillor Hamilton
    Seconded byRegional Councillor Heath

    That Council receive the deputation from Jim Wilson, Resident of Markham.

  • Moved byMayor Barrow
    Seconded byMayor Bevilacqua

    That Council enact Bylaw No. 2020-54 to confirm the proceedings of this special meeting of Council held on November 2, 2020.


The Council meeting adjourned at 11:01 a.m.

Regional Clerk

Minutes confirmed and adopted at the meeting of Council held on November 19, 2020.


Regional Chair