The Council of The Regional Municipality of York

Meeting #:
Council Chambers
17250 Yonge Street, Newmarket
  • W. Emmerson,
  • D. Barrow,
  • M. Bevilacqua,
  • J. DiPaola,
  • M. Ferri,
  • R. Grossi,
  • V. Hackson,
  • D. Hamilton,
  • J. Heath,
  • L. Jackson,
  • J. Jones,
  • J. Li,
  • I. Lovatt,
  • T. Mrakas,
  • S. Pellegrini,
  • C. Perrelli,
  • M. Quirk,
  • G. Rosati,
  • F. Scarpitti,
  • J. Taylor,
  • and T. Vegh
  • D. Basso,
  • K. Chislett,
  • P. Freeman,
  • P. Jankowski,
  • Dr. F. Karachiwalla,
  • D. Kuzmyk,
  • B. Macgregor,
  • L. Mirabella,
  • C. Raynor,
  • and M.F. Turner

Regional Chair Emmerson called the meeting to order at 9 a.m. and made the following remarks:

“I would like to begin today’s meeting by acknowledging that York Region extends over lands originally used and occupied by Indigenous Peoples, and on behalf of York Region, I would like to thank First Nations and the Métis for sharing this land.

I would also like to acknowledge the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation as our closest First Nation community.”

  • Moved byMayor Barrow
    Seconded byMayor Scarpitti
    1. That Council receive the presentations by Paul Jankowski, Commissioner of Transportation and Laura Mirabella, Commissioner of Finance.
    2. That Option 4 (to transfer funds from the debt reduction reserve to balance cash flow needs), as described in the "Funding the Roads Capital Acceleration Reserve" presentation, be brought forward in June 2019 for Council’s further consideration, coincident with information on potential service level adjustments that could yield operating savings.
    3. That staff report back on regulatory and other changes the Province introduced to expedite its own infrastructure projects that might also benefit the Region.
    4. That the Regional Clerk forward the presentations to the Clerks of the local municipalities.

    See Items D.1, E.1. and E.3.

  • Moved byMayor Bevilacqua
    Seconded byRegional Councillor Ferri

    That Council receive the deputation by Marilyn Iafrate, Ward 1 Councillor, City of Vaughan.


    See Items C.1 and C.2.

  • Moved byMayor Barrow
    Seconded byRegional Councillor Grossi

    That Council receive the communication from Robert Webb, Webb + Co Limited on behalf of a number of landowners / developers in the North Markham Future Urban Area, dated April 24, 2019.


    See Items C.1 and C.2.

  • Moved byRegional Councillor Rosati
    Seconded byMayor Hackson

    That Council receive the memorandum from Katherine Chislett, Commissioner of Community and Health Services dated April 24, 2019.

  • Moved byMayor Barrow
    Seconded byRegional Councillor Grossi

    That Council receive the communication by Signe Leisk, Partner, Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP on behalf of Sixteenth Land Holdings Inc., dated April 24, 2019.


    See Items C.1 and C.2.

  • Moved byMayor Lovatt
    Seconded byMayor Quirk

    That Council adopt the recommendations in the Minutes of the Governance Task Force meeting held on April 18, 2019.

  • Moved byMayor Bevilacqua
    Seconded byMayor Barrow


    1. The Province of Ontario recently announced a $28.5 billion for Ontario’s new Transit Plan for the Greater Toronto Area, which included the Yonge Subway Extension from Finch Station to Richmond Hill Centre in York Region.
    2. The Provincial government has identified an $11.2 billion contribution as their share of the Transit Plan.
    3. The Federal government has previously identified significant funding for higher-order transit projects in the region.
    4. The current funding allocation criteria outlined in the Investing in Canada Plan based on ridership provides less than 4% of the overall cost of the Yonge Subway Extension.

    Be it resolved that:

    1. York Region supports the new Provincial Transit Plan announced by the Premier of Ontario on April 10, 2019, which included funding of the Yonge Subway Extension.
    2. York Region asks the Federal government to confirm its participation as a funding partner with a specific 40% funding commitment for the Yonge Subway Extension.
    3. York Region commits to working with the Province to leverage transit-oriented development opportunities along the Yonge Subway Extension Corridor.
    4. Staff be directed to work closely with Province, the Federal Government and the private sector to further define the potential sources and uses of funds for the Yonge Subway Extension.
    5. The Regional Clerk forward this resolution to the Prime Minister, the Federal Minister of Finance, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, York Region MPs, Premier of Ontario, the Provincial Minister of Finance, Minister of Infrastructure, Infrastructure Ontario and York Region MPPs.
  • Moved byMayor Lovatt
    Seconded byRegional Councillor Vegh

    That Council enact Bylaw No. 2019-30 to confirm the proceedings of this meeting of Council held on April 25, 2019.


The Council meeting adjourned at 12:13 p.m.

Regional Clerk

Minutes confirmed and adopted at the meeting of Council held on May 16, 2019.


Regional Chair