Inaugural Minutes

The Council of The Regional Municipality of York

Council Chambers
17250 Yonge Street, Newmarket
  • W. Emmerson, 
  • G. Chan, 
  • M. Chan, 
  • N. Davison, 
  • S. Del Duca, 
  • J. DiPaola, 
  • M. Ferri, 
  • V. Hackson, 
  • A. Ho, 
  • L. Jackson, 
  • J. Jones, 
  • J. Li, 
  • I. Lovatt, 
  • T. Mrakas, 
  • S. Pellegrini, 
  • M. Quirk, 
  • M.G. Racco, 
  • G. Rosati, 
  • F. Scarpitti, 
  • J. Taylor, 
  • T. Vegh, 
  • and D. West
  • D. Basso, 
  • K. Chislett, 
  • P. Freeman, 
  • D. Kuzmyk, 
  • B. Macgregor, 
  • E. Mahoney, 
  • L. Mirabella, 
  • Dr. B. Pakes, 
  • and C. Raynor

Pipe Major Grant Rutherford of York Regional Police led the procession into the Council Chambers.

All those present in Council Chambers stood for the singing of the National Anthem and God Save the King. 

Christopher Raynor, Regional Clerk advised that statutory requirements have been completed, including the filing of Certificates of Election by the Clerk of each of the nine local municipalities, and the signing of the Declaration of Office by each Member of Council.

Christopher Raynor, Regional Clerk called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. and made the following remarks:

“I would like to begin today’s meeting by acknowledging that York Region is located on the traditional territory of many Indigenous peoples including the Anishinaabeg, Haudenosaunee, Huron-Wendat and Métis peoples and the treaty territories of the Haudenosaunee, Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation and Williams Treaties First Nations.  

Today this area is home to many diverse Indigenous peoples and we recognize their history, spirituality, culture, and stewardship of this land. We also acknowledge the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation as our closest First Nation community.”

The Regional Clerk advised Council that it is his responsibility under the Municipal Act, 2001 to be the Presiding Officer until Council appoints the Regional Chair. He then introduced the elected members of Council for the term 2022 to 2026.

The Regional Clerk led the elected Members of Council in a recitation of their Declarations of Office.

The Regional Clerk advised that the first item of business is the appointment of the Regional Chair. He indicated that under the Municipal Act, 2001, Council will appoint a Regional Chair for the four-year term. The Regional Chair can be a Member of Council or any other eligible person nominated and seconded by two Members of Council, subject to statutory requirements.

The Regional Clerk then provided a brief overview of the process to be followed for the appointment of the Regional Chair.

  • Nominations

    The Regional Clerk declared nominations to be open for the Office of Regional Chair. He advised that three completed Nomination Forms had been received for two candidates: one for Wayne Emmerson and two for Regional Councillor Joe Li. He clarified with Regional Councillor Li that the most recent form submitted was the valid one, then discarded the Nomination Form previously provided. 

    The first Nomination Form indicated that Mayor Pellegrini wished to nominate Wayne Emmerson for the position of Regional Chair, seconded by Mayor Lovatt, which they each confirmed. Mr. Emmerson consented to the nomination and confirmed his eligibility.

    The second Nomination Form indicated that Regional Councillor Jones wished to nominate Regional Councillor Joe Li for the position of Regional Chair, seconded by Regional Councillor Ho, which they each confirmed. Regional Councillor Li consented to the nomination and confirmed his eligibility.

    The Regional Clerk asked on three separate occasions if there were any further nominations for the Office of Regional Chair. No further nominations were received.

    Moved byMayor Scarpitti
    Seconded byMayor Pellegrini

    That nominations for the Office of Regional Chair be closed.


    Remarks of Movers, Seconders and Nominees

    Mayor Pellegrini and Mayor Lovatt addressed Council in support of Wayne Emmerson. Wayne Emmerson addressed Council in support of his nomination.

    Regional Councillor Jones and Regional Councillor Ho addressed Council in support of Regional Councillor Li. Regional Councillor Li addressed Council in support of his nomination.

  • Public or Private Vote for Regional Chair

    Moved byRegional Councillor Jones
    Seconded byMayor Taylor

    That all votes for the election of the Regional Chair be public. 

  • Appointment of Regional Chair

    The Regional Clerk called upon Members of Council in random order to state the name of the Nominee they are voting for the position of Regional Chair. 

    A recorded vote was as follows:

    For Wayne Emmerson: DiPaola, Del Duca, Pellegrini, Lovatt, Hackson, West, Jackson, Rosati, Taylor, Ferri, Quirk, Vegh, Mrakas, Davison  (14)

    For Joe Li: G. Chan, Scarpitti, Jones, Racco, M. Chan, Ho, Li (7)

    The Regional Clerk announced that Wayne Emmerson obtained the majority vote of Council for the appointment of Regional Chair.

    Moved byMayor Taylor
    Seconded byMayor Mrakas

    That Council confirm the results of the vote and declare Wayne Emmerson appointed as Regional Chair for the 2022 to 2026 term of Council.


Council took no action in relation to the memorandum from Christopher Raynor, Regional Clerk dated November 16, 2022 regarding Bill 39, The Better Municipal Governance Act, 2022.

Council took no action in relation to the copy of a letter from The Honorable Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing dated November 16, 2022 regarding Bill 39, The Better Municipal Governance Act, 2022.

Christopher Raynor, Regional Clerk, administered the required Declaration of Office to Wayne Emmerson. The Regional Clerk placed the Chain of Office on Regional Chair Emmerson and then Regional Chair Emmerson assumed the chair. 

In his inaugural address to Council, Regional Chair Emmerson congratulated Members of Council on their election and indicated that he is honoured to once again be entrusted with the responsibility of the Office of Regional Chair.

Regional Chair Emmerson introduced special guests in attendance, including:

Former Members of Council
Former City of Richmond Hill Mayor Al Duffy
Former City of Markham Councillor Jack Heath
Former Town of Aurora Mayor Tim Jones
Former Town of Georgina Mayor John Rogers

York Regional Police
Chief Jim MacSween
Deputy Chief Alvaro Almeida 
Deputy Chief Paulo Da Silva
Deputy Chief of Operations Robertson Rouse
Deputy Chief Cecile Hammond 
Former Chief Eric Jolliffe

Fire Services
Chief Ron Jenkins (Georgina Fire and Emergency Services)
Chief Ian Laing (Central York Fire Services)
Chief Bill Snowball (Whitchurch-Stouffville Fire and Emergency Services)

York Region Paramedic Services
Chief Chris Spearen
Deputy Chief Iain Park
Deputy Chief Jeremey Watts
Deputy Chief Natalie Kedzierski

Regional Chair Emmerson provided an overview of opportunities and challenges for Council over the next four years, including housing affordability, broadband connectivity, economic development, transportation and growth.

Regional Chair Emmerson thanked all York Region staff for their hard work, dedication and high level of support to Council. He also thanked Christopher Raynor, Regional Clerk and Lina Bigioni, Chief of Staff for preparing this inaugural meeting. 

Each Member of Council introduced their guests and made a few remarks regarding the opportunities and challenges facing the Region in the coming term.

Bruce Macgregor, Chief Administrative Officer, congratulated Regional Chair Emmerson on his appointment and Members of Council on their election. He indicated that York Regional staff are looking forward to continuing their work serving Council and the residents of York Region under this Council’s leadership.

Mr. Macgregor introduced the following members of the Region’s Senior Management Team:

Katherine Chislett, Commissioner of Community and Health Services
Dr. Barry Pakes, Medical Officer of Health
Erin Mahoney, Commissioner of Public Works
Paul Freeman, Chief Planner
Laura Mirabella, Commissioner of Finance and Regional Treasurer
Dino Basso, Commissioner of Corporate Services
Dan Kuzmyk, Regional Solicitor
David Rennie, Executive Director, Strategy and Initiatives 
Sharon Kennedy, Senior Executive Officer, People Equity and Culture

Mr. Macgregor also recognized in attendance:

Mary-Frances Turner, President, York Region Rapid Transit Corporation
Lisa Gonsalves, General Manager, Paramedic and Seniors Services
Rick Leary, CEO, Toronto Transit Commission
Local municipal CAOs 
Special guests introduced by Regional Chair Emmerson

Mr. Macgregor thanked all those mentioned for their community focus and collaboration that most recently helped us through the pandemic and continues through our shared commitment to building and maintaining strong, caring and safe communities. 

  • Moved byMayor Pellegrini
    Seconded byMayor Lovatt

    That Council enact Bylaw No. 2022-53 to confirm the proceedings of this meeting of Council held on November 17, 2022.

  • Moved byMayor Del Duca
    Seconded byRegional Councillor Davison

    That the Council meeting adjourn at 3:53 p.m.



    Regional Clerk

    Minutes confirmed and adopted at the meeting of Council held on December 8, 2022.


    Regional Chair