Revised Agenda

Electronic Meeting

Quorum: 11

Laura Mirabella, Commissioner of Finance and Regional Treasurer

Lisa Johnson and Oliver Dawson dated January 12, 2023

Recommendation: Receive

Bruce Macgregor, Chief Administrative Officer dated January 18, 2023

Recommendation: Receive and refer to Item I.1

To levy against the lower-tier municipalities on an interim basis the sums of monies required during the year 2023 for the purposes of The Regional Municipality of York  

A bylaw to stop up and close a portion of McCowan Road (Y.R. 67), City of Markham

To appoint a member of council to act in the place of the head of council when the head of council is absent

At the January 12, 2023 Committee of the Whole meeting, Regional Councillor Jones expressed his intent to bring forward the following motion for consideration at this meeting of Council:

  1. That Council signal its intent to bid for the 2030 Commonwealth Games by the end of January 2023.
  2. That staff be directed to engage consultants to update the Region’s 2014 Commonwealth Games bid and submit it for consideration for the 2030 Games by February 28, 2023.

Private Minutes - Committee of the Whole Meeting - January 12, 2023


Application for Judicial Review by Romandale Farms Limited - Litigation and Solicitor-Client


Long-Term Care Collective Bargaining Update – Additional Information - Labour Relations


Introduction of Bylaw 2023-04 to confirm the proceedings of Council at this meeting