Revised Agenda

Electronic Meeting
Quorum: 11

Dr. Karim Kurji, Medical Officer of Health

Consideration of the following motion, moved by Regional Councillor Perrelli, seconded by Regional Councillor Jackson was deferred from the January 28, 2021 Council meeting:

Whereas protecting Public Health is our job; and

Whereas closing down businesses, negatively impacting people’s livelihood which contributes to a wide-range of health issues, the extent of which will not be fully known for many years to come, is not; and

Whereas our own Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Kurji, has told us that businesses are not a material source of spread and that a lockdown wouldn’t make much of a difference; and

Whereas Dr. Kurji’s exact words were, “What we are not seeing are any outbreaks traced to retail establishments. We are not seeing any outbreaks traced to restaurants, or gyms and we haven't been seeing outbreaks from places of worship in York Region either”; and

Whereas the accepted COVID-19 safety protocols of physical distancing, wearing a mask, washing your hands and contact tracing, are already targeted for heavy enforcement by the Region; and

Whereas many businesses have already closed permanently; and

Whereas many more businesses are facing the same fate through no fault of their own; and

Whereas the Ontario government issued a declaration of emergency, effective January 12, 2021, under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA). On Monday, January 25th the government extended this Order for an additional 14 days. It is now set to expire on February 9, 2021, unless extended further;

Now Therefore Be It Resolved:

That York Region Council request the Premier to not extend the Grey – Lockdown/Stay at Home Order past the current February 9th end date in York Region.

Introduction of Bylaw 2021-04 to confirm the proceedings of Council at this meeting