Electronic Meeting

Quorum: 11

​(Subject to Council granting deputant status.)​


Ika Washington, Communications and Marketing Manager, Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario dated May 13, 2020

Recommendation: Receive and recognize June 19, 2020 as World Sickle Cell Day

Report dated May 15, 2020 from the Chief Administrative Officer recommending that:

  1. Council authorize execution of a Preliminary Agreement and associated Transit-Oriented Communities Memorandum-of-Understanding with the Province of Ontario as generally set out in Attachments 1 and 2.
  2. The CAO and/or his designate(s) be directed to:
    1. Continue negotiating additional agreements with the Province, City of Toronto and TTC required to ensure delivery of the Yonge North Subway Extension, reporting back to Council to authorize their execution.
    2. Engage with affected local municipalities of Markham, Vaughan and Richmond Hill to draft and execute agreements necessary to fulfill the “one-window” obligations stemming from the Preliminary Agreement and Transit-Oriented Communities MoU with the Province of Ontario.  
  3. The Regional Clerk circulate this report to the Clerks of the local municipalities.

A bylaw to establish tax ratios and to specify the percentage by which tax rates are to be reduced for prescribed property subclasses for 2020

A bylaw to set and levy the rates of taxation for Regional general purposes for the year 2020

A bylaw to delegate authority to the Regional Treasurer to establish "clawback" percentages for the 2020 taxation year for the commercial property class

To abandon certain lands for or in connection with the construction of the West Vaughan Sewage Servicing Project, City of Vaughan

To acquire certain lands for or in connection with the installation of traffic signals at the intersection of The Queensway South (Y.R. 12) and Cameron Crescent / Richmond Park Drive, Town of Georgina 

To acquire certain lands for or in connection with the construction of the Northeast Vaughan Water Servicing Project, City of Vaughan

Belinda's Place Women's Shelter Litigation Settlement - Litigation

Disposition of Overdue POA Fines - Solicitor-Client Privilege

Introduction of Bylaw 2020-33 to confirm the proceedings of Council at this meeting